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Get To Know Daryl

Certified Health Worker

Daryl is a certified social worker. He graduated from the University of Utah with a Master's in Social Work and has also completed a substance abuse certification. He has worked in outpatient clinics for mental health and substance abuse for several years and has facilitated many groups, including intensive outpatient programs. 

He entered the field of social work to ensure that no one feels alone, worthless, or irrelevant. Daryl's life mantra is "You are enough." He's passionate about helping you achieve your authentic self while creating a safe and non-judgmental place for your journey. As a therapist, Daryl aims to ensure safety and guide you to find insight through your journey.

While using traditional techniques such as DBT and CBT, he also believes in healing both the mind and body with more holistic approaches. He has experience with exercise, guided meditation, food, journaling, and music. One can use various methods in their healing journey, and he will tailor treatment to fit your needs. As a therapist,  he enjoys working with adolescents and adults, specializing in self-esteem, substance use, life challenges, grief, and anxiety/depression.


When not working, he enjoys hiking, exercise, music, sports, art festivals and is a huge foodie. 

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